High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Piyaa Albela: Naren and Pooja have a romantic moment. Naren turns into a poet to praise her beauty. Pooja does not understand anything, but she feels happy. Pooja is his inspiration. Naren loves Pooja. His romantic side will be seen. She laughs on his complex poetry. He gets annoyed with her. Pooja apologizes to him. Naren then simplifies his poetry and tells her what she means to him. Pooja gets touched by his sweet words. Naren tells her that he understands her uncle’s fear, and now he will be finding out some solution to end her kundli dosh. He asks her not to worry for him, and better take care of her. Naren surprises Pooja by getting plants at her home.

Maldawali goes to meet Rangeela. She romances with him. Rangeela traps her and makes her lie on the ice slab. Maldawali asks him to leave. Rangeela is not foolish to believe her. He knew Maldawali will do such thing and was acting to be asleep. Shivani falls in trouble and waits for Rangeela to help the village women. Veer’s goons take all the things the women prepared to sell and earn money.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Baisa and Dadi get into an argument over keeping the marriage in grand style. Everyone has seen many dreams for Naksh’s marriage. Dadi wants Kirti’s marriage to be done in simple style so that Kirti and Naksh’s relation does not catch bad sight. Baisa tells Dadi that they are groom’s family this time and they will decide everything. Naira and Kartik do the engagement arrangements. Everyone is happy for Naksh and Kirti. The marriage is happening in a short mahurat. Kartik and Naira’s nok jhok will be seen. Naksh shows her tashan that she is from guy’s family. She teases Kartik and asks him to do everything well. She says I m groom’s sister and its my command to you to look after groom’s family.


Ali and Riya plan to spoil Neil and Avni’s honeymoon. Neil will be knowing mystery about Dayavanti’s aide Raghu pandit. He does not want Dayavanti to plan against against Avni. It was Neil and DD’s plan to find that man. Avni gets to know this and argues with Neil angrily. Avni asks how can he lie and make fun of her emotions. Avni throws her dupatta in the pool and scares Neil. Neil sees the dupatta and thinks Avni jumped in the pool. He jumps in the pool to save her. Avni and DD laugh seeing Neil. Avni teases him. Neil gets Avni in the pool. They have a moment. Ali and Riya meet them and act like offering help.


Everyone sings for the baby after naming her Pari. Police comes to Oberoi mansion and gets along baby’s family. The Oberois get upset when baby’s mum turns up home to take the baby. The lady tells them that she was Rudra’s college mate and knew Oberois well. She she got cheated by her boyfriend and was afraid to tell anyone about the baby. She wanted her daughter to get some security. She tells them that her family was not accepting the baby and her heart was not agreeing to drop the baby to the orphanage, so she has left baby outside Oberoi mansion. She takes the baby from them.


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