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Arjun and Saanjh are finding Maya. They have taken a disguise. They reach the hospital and spy to know about Maya. Arjun admits Saanjh at the hospital, but does not want to leave her alone. Saanjh assures him that she will find Maya in a night’s time. Saanjh finds a clue in the hospital. Samay finds Maya before them. Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya is clever, but she will commit any mistake. Samay has come back to return Maya’s favors. Arjun is eager to kill Maya. Samay is supporting Maya. Maya will be now targeting Saanjh. Samay meets Maya and tells her that he had promised her that he will come back, he understands her completely and he is the one who madly loves him.


Riya and Shweta call up Ali. Riya tells Ali that Avni does not love Neil, you can still get her, Avni is just yours. She feeds this in his mind. Ali thanks Riya for support. Riya asks Shweta what’s her plan. Shweta tells Riya that good people have conscience that stops them from doing wrong, so we have to keep pushing Ali towards Avni, its good Neil has refused to go on honeymoon. DD convinced Neil for the trip by telling him about the person they are finding for some case. Neil is still working on his case.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak hides her family from Uma Shankar. Uma will be knowing about Kanak’s family. Maasi gets a doubt on Kanak when she sees Kanak behaving weird in front of Pushkar’s guests. Maasi invites Bhabho and Babasa home to become part of a puja. Kanak gets her family on her side, when everyone asks about her Maayka. Uma will be losing trust on Kanak for hiding such a big thing. He decides to take her Agnipariksha.


Gauri’s mum is worried that Gauri is not educated. Pinky insults Gauri and her mum again and again, to make them feel guilty. She tells them that they don’t belong to Oberoi mansion. Omkara praises Gauri in front of her mum. He tells them that Gauri is just different than others, but she is not less than anyone. Omkara values Gauri, which pleases her mum. Gauri feels thankful to Omkara. Omkara gets a call from art gallery. Omkara does not want to called an artist now. He refuses to their offer. The gallery manager personally comes to meet Omkara and hands over an advance cheque to him. Omkara sticks to his decision and refuses for the offer.


Virendra gets hypnotized by Soundary. He romances with her. There is a mystery behind his behavior. He is not in his senses. Chandrakanta tries hard to save Virendra. She feels Virendra’s life is in danger. She wants to get Virendra in his normal avatar. Chandrakanta conceals her identity and takes Tej Singh and Chapla’s help. They try to find about Soundarya. Chandrakanta’s love and trust will break Soundarya’s spell on him.


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