Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh and Kirti’s marriage


Baisa and Dadi get into an argument over keeping the marriage in grand style. Everyone has seen many dreams for Naksh’s marriage. Dadi wants Kirti’s marriage to be done in simple style so that Kirti and Naksh’s relation does not catch bad sight. Baisa tells Dadi that they are groom’s family this time and they will decide everything. Naira and Kartik do the engagement arrangements. Everyone is happy for Naksh and Kirti. The marriage is happening in a short mahurat. Kartik and Naira’s nok jhok will be seen. Naksh shows her tashan that she is from guy’s family. She teases Kartik and asks him to do everything well. She says I m groom’s sister and its my command to you to look after groom’s family.

She teases him calling him bride’s brother. She ties a pagdi and shows attitude. Kartik stops her and reminds she is also from bride’s side. Naira sweetly apologizes to him. Naksh and Kirti tell them that marriage won’t happen till they both decide from whose side they are. Dadi is very happy. She was much worried for Kirti. She is glad that Kirti is also happy and the groom is of Kirti’s choice. Dadi tells them that they all are baraatis this time, and will together celebrate all functions.


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