Teni confesses love to Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni and Aman’s haldi ceremony brings happiness. Shorvori applies haldi to Teni. Teni does not want to marry Aman. Aman dances with everyone and is very happy. Teni is tensed as she feels sick by haldi smell. Everyone thinks Teni is Shorvori’s younger sister. Shorvori stops Teni from vomiting, as everyone can know that Teni is pregnant. Parth and Shorvori try to cover up Teni’s state. Parth takes Teni to her room by making excuse. Parth learns Teni’s feelings for him. He is not able to share this from Shorvori. He can’t even hide it. He knows Aman is not Teni’s choice. He tries telling Teni that Aman is the right guy for her, and wants her to marry Aman. Parth thinks of Teni and goes restless. He feels guilty that he has done something that gave Teni a wrong hint that he also loves her. He does not want to break Teni’s heart.

Shorvori pacifies Parth. She talks about Teni’s marriage functions going on well. She shows her mehendi to Parth. She says time passes so soon, we did not know Teni will come in our lives and then we will be getting her married in our house. She asks him what is he thinking. Parth is in stress, as Teni is always in his thoughts. He hides his worry. He knows many lives will be at risk if Teni admits her feelings in front of everyone. He does not show Teni that he knows everything to save her from embarrassment. Teni confesses her love to Parth. Parth tells her that she can never become part of his life.


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