Chandni loses out Pratham’s alliance in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay cleverly manages to fool Pratham. Advay’s master plan makes her fall in Pratham’s eyes. Advay fills Pratham’s ears. Pratham thinks Chandni is really mad as Advay said. Pratham refuses for the alliance. Advay goes a step ahead to trap Chandni in love and then take revenge from her. Indrani gets upset with Chandni for upsetting Pratham. Everyone finds Chandni wrong. Chandni hopes Indrani will understand her, as it was not her mistake. Indrani asks Chandni to apologize to Pratham and save the relation. Chandni agrees. Chandni apologizes to Advay, assuming he is Pratham. He calls her an ideal wife for him. She sees Pratham sleeping.

Advay stops Chandni and scares her of his confusing intentions. Advay threatens her that he will kill Pratham. He asks her not to meet anyone, as she is going to become his wife. He shows her a sample of his stubbornness, setting fire around Pratham. Chandni gets blamed for this. Indrani demands an answer from Chandni. Pratham tells them about the fire around him. Pratham’s mum does not forgive Chandni. Chandni asks Advay what does he want to do. She requests him to just let them be. Advay wants to break her family. She challenges him to do anything, but he will never get her.


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