Hidden feelings to trouble Rudra in Ishqbaaz


Bhavya amazingly fights with the goons and single handedly manages to make them bite dust. Everyone gets surprised seeing her. The goons run to take baby, but Shivay and Anika save the baby. Shivay fights with the goon. Anika worries for Shivay for becoming target of the goons. Shivay cares for Anika, while she cries for him. They pacify the baby. Shwetlana shocks Jhanvi to make her panic. She tells Jhanvi that Tej is planning these attacks. Jhanvi does not believe her. Shwetlana asks her to take her help and save her life. Gauri’s mum feels bad for Gauri. She apologizes to Gauri for not educating her in time. Omkara takes Gauri’s side and asks her mum not to compare Gauri with anyone else, Gauri has learnt the lessons which life taught her. Seeing Omkara value Gauri, her mum feels proud.

The brothers take care of baby. Shivay is glad seeing Anika’s bonding with baby. He wants to find out why the goons came after the baby. Omkara agrees with him. He asks him to find out why was baby dropped to their house. Rudra gets concerned for Bhavya. She reveals to him about the accident. She asks him not to worry for his safety. Rudra tells her that he is not scared of anyone, but he is affected by her departure. He asks her not to fool him this way. Rudra hides his feelings for Bhavya. Even though, she understands he loves her.


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