Aw… moment for Shivika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Shivay and Anika will be seen in a romantic avatar, while they are away from home on a date. Anika has called Shivay for dinner. She wants to tell him about Ragini. Anika’s timely fall makes Shivay reach out to her to help. They start dinner. Shivay gets upset seeing her eating food like a hunger stricken person. He gets angry on her and taunts. He turns away. She tells him that food is much important for her, she can’t resist hunger. He then recalls her past and gets love on her innocence.

Anika asks him why is he smiling. Shivay cleans her dress. Anika and Shivay have a moment. Rudra sees them and clicks a cute picture of them. He says someone should explain them that they are made for each other, when everyone sees their pictures, they will compliment them and make them realize their love. Rudra uploads their pictures. Rudra asks Bhavya about an USB. Bhavya has no answer for him, and shows love to stop his questions. Rudra gets a surprise from Bhavya, when she acts romantic. Bhavya expresses her feelings in her ACP avatar, and ties him up in handcuffs. She fools him and asks him to promise that he will not interfere in her work and not ask any question. Rudra agrees to all her conditions. Bhavya frees Rudra.


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