Ruhi and Adi worry for Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi returns in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ruhi panics for Ishita. Ishita tells everyone about the watchman’s disappearance. Ruhi gets relieved that Ishita did not get any clue. Ruhi hides the matter from Ishita. She shows her concern. Ishita shows the mangalsutra which can remind Shagun of her relation with Mani. She tells everyone that she has got this as Shagun can connect to this emotionally. Ishita asks Aaliya to take it to Shagun and wait for her to react seeing it. They all hope that Shagun will recall Mani and maybe she can recover her memory. Shagun tries to recall. Aaliya also helps her recall. Shagun gets bits of flashes about her life with Mani. She gets stressed up. Aaliya tries helping her. Ashok ruins Ishita’s plan. He tells Shagun that he got this mangalsutra to propose her for marriage. He convinces her with ease. He sends away Aaliya. He asks Shagun not to bond with neighbors. Shagun takes some rest.

Aaliya tells Ishita how Ashok spoiled their plan. They all get worried about Shagun. They realize just one month bail is given to Raman. Adi talks to inspector to defend Raman’s case. Inspector asks Adi to make Raman help Shagun regain memory, else they will arrest Raman again. Adi asks him to rest assured. Ishita wants to send Ashok away from Bhalla house. Bala and Kiran start bonding. Kiran’s help makes him trust her. She deals with his children well. Bala sees a good life partner in her. Kiran appears happy and gets hopeful of Bala’s nod for marriage.


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