Emotional let downs and shocking twists lined in Ishqbaaz


Tej meets Shwetlana, knowing Jhanvi is present in the hotel. Tej shows his true colors. He tells Jhanvi that he will kill her this time. He asks Shwetlana and Jhanvi where they fooling him together. He says its not easy to fool him. He threatens to kill both of them. Jhanvi hits Tej in defense. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi that Tej is dead. Shwetlana thinks of her plan going wrong. She asks Jhanvi not to inform police, else it will be bad for both of them. Jhanvi feels guilty. Shwetlana and Jhanvi try to hide Tej’s dead body.

Shivay misses the baby and sheds tears. Anika sees his emotional side. She supports him. The brothers sit thinking about the baby. They all try to act normal in front of each other. Shivay asks his brothers to have some rest. Omkara and Rudra try to explain Shivay about accepting Anika without any second thoughts. Anika asks Shivay why is he feeling low. Shivay tells her about his meeting. Shivay realizes he should see Anika regardless of her family background.

Rudra gets emotional about Bhavya. He says you can leave from here anytime, just like the baby went, but things will get normal for all of us. He tells her that he does not care for her. He does not expect anything from her. Bhavya ties him up. They have a moment. Bhavya asks Rudra about locket. She tries to get the locket which holds important info.

Omkara meets the art gallery manager and refuses for organizing any art exhibition. He tells the manager that his loss is much more than anyone else. He values art from heart. He says art is like worship for me, I don’t work for money. The manager asks him to at least try once for their sake. He gives the token amount to Omkara, to which he politely refuses. Omkara says I don’t feel inspired by anything. Omkara tries to make some art, but fails. He gets depressed that he is not able to create anything from his heart. He tells Gauri that he does not have any inspiration. Gauri tries to encourage him. Omkara loses belief in himself.


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