High Five Spoilers

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Udaan: Bhaiya ji keeps a condition in front of Chakor. He asks her to choose her love Suraj or the freedom of all villagers. He asks Chakor to think well and decide soon. Chakor decides to leave Suraj, to get freedom for everyone. Chakor comes back to haveli. Suraj asks her where was she, does she not value his love or atleast this Shiv puja. He tells her that all guests who came to bless them have left. He asks her to come for puja atleast now and complete it. Chakor refuses for the puja.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali is supporting Sameer against her family. Piyush and Aarav get a hint about Sameer’s motives. Aarav tells Sanjana that Sameer does not want money, he has come to take revenge. Piyush says Sameer wants revenge from Simar. He scares Sameer and asks him the cause of enmity. Sameer asks Piyush to take a knife and stab him. Sameer then acts in front of Anjali and begs to Piyush for his life. He asks Anjali to save him. Simar tells Anjali that Piyush is lying. Simar says Sameer is a cheat, he is doing this to make you against us.

Chandrakanta: Kroor Singh has turned Virendra into an idol. He tells Chandrakanta that if the idol breaks, Virendra will die, his life is inside the idol. Chandrakanta requests Kroor Singh and asks him not to do anything to Virendra. Shivdutt comes there and asks for the idol. Chandrakanta realizes Kroor Singh is still with Shivdutt. Kroor Singh says I have caught Virendra, which you could not do, its same thing if either of us have it.

Kunal-Meghna and Karan-Naina will be seen celebrating in Chauhan house. Karan and Naina are going to get married. They keep the first function and look forward to welcome happiness.

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha turns into Aditya’s bride again. Jhanvi gets stunned seeing Nisha in the bridal dress. Nisha begs Jhanvi and cries. She asks Jhanvi to help her, else she will die. Jhanvi feels helpless. She imagines Nisha. She asks Aditya and his family to let her keep Nisha at home till she gets fine. They get a shock seeing Binny falling down the stairs. Aditya takes Binny for aid.


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