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Ishqbaaz: Tej meets Shwetlana, knowing Jhanvi is present in the hotel. Tej shows his true colors. He tells Jhanvi that he will kill her this time. He asks Shwetlana and Jhanvi where they fooling him together. He says its not easy to fool him. He threatens to kill both of them. Jhanvi hits Tej in defense. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi that Tej is dead. Shwetlana thinks of her plan going wrong. She asks Jhanvi not to inform police, else it will be bad for both of them. Jhanvi feels guilty. Shwetlana and Jhanvi try to hide Tej’s dead body.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik thanks Naksh for supporting Kirti. Naksh asks him not to thank him for being sensible. Naira suggests they should go Krishna for lunch. Kirti gets jitters seeing Aditya. Naksh supports Kirti again. Kartik and Naira protect Kirti. Aditya congratulates Kirti for moving on and marrying Naksh. Kirti fears Aditya will do something, as his nature is not so good to wish someone a better future. Gayu says maybe Aditya really meant this. Kirti tells that they will not tell anyone about Aditya. Naksh selects jewelry for Kirti. Everyone cares for Kirti.


Avni thinks of making some solid plan to convince Neil. Neela tries explaining Ali that they should be happy in whatever they have. She asks him to let Avni go with Neil and not run after her, as she can’t be his love now. She asks him to give a chance to his own happiness. Ali takes her wrong and thinks to try getting Avni’s love. Neil gets to know about Raghu Pandit’s location.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun takes her glam avatar to woo Raman. She doubts on Raman and Ishita. Ishita gets worried thinking of Ashok’s warning. Shagun tries to win Raman back in her life. She tries hard that he gets smitten by her beauty. Raman gets a shock seeing her planning a romantic surprise. He spoils her mood by arguing with her about Ashok. Shagun stays cool and apologizes to him. She tells him that she has thrown out Ashok from the house. She asks Raman to make their marriage work. Raman wonders what to do to keep her away. Fortunately, Ishita comes to check on them by excuse of Pihu. Shagun gets irritated by Ishita. Ishita and Raman make Pihu’s excuse and leave from the house.


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