Imli to support Chakor in Udaan


Chakor is very upset after breaking ties with Suraj. She has broken her engagement. She sheds tears and apologizes to Suraj for breaking his heart. Imli comes to confront her. She asks her the reason. Chakor asks her to leave and go haveli before storm comes. Imli tells Chakor that storm has come, what else is left now. She makes Chakor swear on her baby and asks the truth. Chakor tells Imli that she loves Suraj a lot, but she can’t tell him the truth that Bhaiya ji is threatening her about kids’ lives. She tells Imli that Bhaiya ji has blackmailed her and did the deal of either choosing Suraj or the kids’ lives.

Imli gets a shock knowing this. Imli consoles her and promises Chakor that she will expose Bhaiya ji’s truth in front of Suraj. Chakor asks Imli not to tell anything to Suraj or Vivaan, else Bhaiya ji will kill the kids. Imli assures Chakor that everything will get fine soon. Imli realizes Bhaiya ji is still bad and is just acting good in front of everyone. She knew that Bhaiya ji can’t change. Bhaiya ji has won Suraj’s trust and stays as his support when Chakor left him. Chakor fears for the innocent kids’ lives. Imli thinks to confide with with Vivaan, but is confused.


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