Shivay realizes ‘Being in Love’ with Anika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Shivay wants to know why Anika left him. He handcuffs Anika and asks her to speak up the truth if she wants to get released. She asks him to free her, as its aching her hand. He asks her why did she leave him, what made her take that step. Anika asks am I mad to do it for anyone. She refuses to take Pinky’s name so that he always loves and respects his mum. Anika sits there and falls asleep. Shivay comes back and checks her. He looks for the keys to free her. She shows the keys on the ground. She says if I had seen this before, I would have opened handcuffs myself, my fate is bad. He says your mind is also bad, you should have told me the truth by now.

Shivay opens the handcuffs and gives her food. He asks her to finish food fast. He watches her while she eats food. He gets upset seeing the handcuffs marks on her hand. Shivay says I will also have this heavy calorie food with you. She asks him to have aloo puri. Shivay dines with her in her homely style and feels relaxed. He spends time with her. He tells her that she is affecting him a lot, he is slowing transforming into someone who is exactly like her. They share a laugh. Shivay understands Anika loves him and has gone away from him just for his sake.

Pinky lies to Shivay and calls him innocent, to still find the reason for Anika’s step. She says whatever you have seen that day was true, why are you finding past links now, whatever she is doing is to trap you. Shivay learns the truth about Anika. He apologizes to Anika. Shivay cries a lot. Anika consoles him. Shivay gets angry on himself for not believing his love. He says my mum has ruined my life, she has used this bitter truth against me. Anika pacifies him, asking him to let go everything. She has hidden the truth till now. Shivay knew none could not separate them like that, bringing so much distance between them in just one day. Shivay has forced her to speak the truth. He feels suffering by his important relations of his life.


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