IshRa to get interrogated again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita innocently tells the inspector about the watchman’s call for giving her information. Inspector asks her to see the result of her over smartness, her mistake has cost the watchman’s life. He interrogates Raman, doubting that he maybe behind watchman’s murder too. Ishita defends Raman. Inspector says we will doubt on Ishita and Raman, as Ishita was present at murder site. Raman asks the doctor to tell inspector about his presence at the hospital. Doctor gives statement in Raman’s favor. Ishita tells inspector that someone murdered the watchman to stop them from getting the right proof. Raman and Ishita go with the inspector to find clues at the watchman’s house.

Nikhil cheers up Aaliya. She thanks him for his efforts. She refuses to take his gift. They have a talk about Mani. He asks her to have her favorite dish atleast for Mani. Ruhi sees Aaliya happy with Nikhil. Aaliya tells Nikhil that Adi does not know her likes. Ruhi feels Adi should know Aaliya well. Nikhil tells Aaliya that Adi loves her a lot, and he has called him here to meet her. He calls Aaliya lucky girl to get such a loving guy. Aaliya feels better. Nikhil tells Ruhi that he has seen Raman with Mani’s dead body, Raman won’t get free from this blame easily. Ruhi gets angry on Nikhil, asking him if he has seen Raman murdering Mani. She asks him not to judge anything without knowing the truth. He apologizes to her. Ruhi tells him that Raman is innocent. She gets upset with Nikhil.


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