Ishita resumes search for Mani’s murderer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Ishita get worried for Shagun’s state, when she recalls Mani. Shagun then forgets everything. She asks Raman and Ishita what’s happening. She gets her anger out on Pihu. Raman stops Shagun against hurting Pihu. Shagun’s behavior turns bad. Ishita realizes Shagun has seen Mani’s murderer and they will soon find it out. Doctor tells Raman that Shagun will soon recall all her past soon.

Ruhi goes to meet Nikhil to request him about meeting Aaliya. Ruhi impresses Nikhil. She asks him to forgive Adi, he is not bad hearted and loves Aaliya a lot. She asks him to meet Aaliya. He clears out that Aaliya and he are just good friends. He is hurt that Adi misunderstands him. He does not want Aaliya’s married life to have complications because of him. She asks him not to react angrily.

Ashok hurts Shravan’s sentiments. He tells him about Bala and Kiran’s marriage plans. Shravan gets angry hearing this. He refuses to accept Kiran. Roshni scolds Ashok for hurting Shravan. Ashok flirts with Roshni, which angers her. Roshni slaps Ashok to give an answer to his cheapness. Ashok does not want to leave troubling Shagun. Ishita gets a call from the watchman, who asks her to meet him urgently, he can give her all the info. Ishita informs Adi about her meet with the guard. Adi gets restless knowing this. Ishita finds the watchman murdered.


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