Sameer and Anjali part ways in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali decides to sell the house. She found this way to make her family cry. Anjali sells the house to a Sardar, not knowing that Piyush is in disguise. Piyush fools Anjali. He says we want to buy this house to make a big mall in this locality. She tells the family that its their last day at home. She announces a party to celebrate the last day. Sameer gets into an argument with her. He is not happy with her decision. He throws the things in anger. He asks her not to do this, who is she to decide this, when he asked her to stop it, why is she not listening, she can’t sell the house.

Anjali says you are not my boss to command me, if I can go against my family, you are none. Anjali and Sameer are property partners. He tells her that he will give her double money for the house. She does not listen to him. He wants Bharadwaj house at any cost. She gets mad in anger. She spoils his plans. He does not want Anjali to ruin his plans. He wants to make Simar cry. Simar tells Sameer that Anjali has gone against him, and now he has failed. Sameer says I will solve my problem soon.


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