Anika to present her fake fiance in Ishqbaaz


Anika hides from Shivay. Shivay sees Anika hiding and comes to her. Anika wanted to avoid him and run from the house. Shivay knows her plans. He senses she is around. He sits in her way to stop her. Anika thinks he will not let her go out. He asks her is she playing hide and seek with him. She starts her drama. She tells him that Sahil is coming from boarding school. She cooks a story. He asks her to tell her fiance’s name. He asks why did she go on silent mode, can’t she say the name. She asks him why is he interested in knowing about her fiance. She was lying to him about her engagement to make him jealous. Shivay gets insisting. Anika sees a businessman’s picture on a magazine and shows Shivay. She says this is my fiance. Shivay asks is this rich man Vikram Aditya your fiance. He gets jealous.

Ragini joins their conversation. She asks Anika how does she know about Vikram. Anika goes on lying about the guy. Ragini and Shivay ask Anika to call Vikram home. Ragini says I know Vikram well, but don’t know how Anika met him. Anika shares the problem with Omkara and Rudra. She says we have to create fake fiance, we have to get that Vikram home. Rudra says why did you tell Shivay that you will call Vikram, will we get anyone he wants to meet. Anika gets mistaken about Shivay’s girlfriends. Ragini overhears Anika planning with Omkara and Rudra. Ragini thinks to fail Anika’s plans.


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