IshRa get suspicious of Adi’s behavior in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok acts to be very concerned for Shagun. Ashok and Raman get into an argument. Ashok asks Raman why is he doing drama to be sympathetic. He calls Raman selfish to use Shagun for getting freed from police case. Ashok accuses Adi for murdering Mani. Raman shows his belief in Adi. He asks Adi not to answer anything to Ashok. Shagun gets conscious. She does not figure out what did she see, or why she reacted in such a bad way. Raman asks her not to worry about anything.

Raman realizes she does not remember anything about Adi. Shagun asks Ashok to go home. Ishita pacifies Adi on finding him worried. She asks Adi why did he not scold Ashok when he accused him. She requests him to share things with her. Adi does not tell her anything. Ishita takes a step and makes him swear on herself. She tells him that she can read it on his face that he is hiding something. Adi swears that he did not do anything wrong that ruins his parents’ trust. Ishita’s trust on Adi gets firm. Ishita tells Raman that Adi is innocent, Ashok was just confusing them. Raman wonders why did Shagun react that way on seeing Adi. They both worry for Adi getting pulled in the case by Ashok. Ishita fears for Adi’s future.


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