Shivay fails to forget Anika’s misdeed in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika’s date brings them closer. Shivay knows Anika very well. All her doings turn predictable for her. Rudra clicks their picture and finds them cute. The perfect couple spends some good time together. Rudra thinks of uploading their picture on social media, so that everyone compliments them to be made for each other. Shivay and Anika ask each other to say the motive of their date. Shivay clears out that he did not call her to apologize for anything. Anika also clears out that she did not call him. Shivay says you called me to apologize for assuming wrong about me and Ragini.

Anika still maintains that Ragini is fooling him. He asks her why did she invite him to fight. She clears that he called her for dinner. They realize Omkara and Rudra planned their dinner date by lying to them. Shivay and Anika get into an argument. Shivay asks Omkara and Anika to answer him about their planning. He says none can solve the problem between me and Anika, we are divorced now, and things can’t be repaired. He asks them not to push him towards Anika, as the bitter memories will always keep him away. Omkara asks him to forget one mistake and see her overall goodness. Shivay does not want to forgive her. Omkara and Rudra think of telling truth to Shivay, but stop by Anika’s promise. They plan to bring truth in front of Shivay by some way that their promise doesn’t break.


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