Mixed feelings to trouble Advay in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Pratham calls Chandni for a date. Chandni does not feel comfortable with Pratham. Advay knows Pratham’s planning to ditch Chandni. Advay comes to see if Chandni is fine. He hinders Pratham’s evil plans. Advay’s hatred for Chandni is getting less. He worries seeing Chandni’s tears. He does not want Chandni to cry. He has come in her life for taking revenge, for making her life a hell, but he is not able to execute his bitter plans.

Chandni sees Dev’s photo and cries. She misses Dev. She wishes Dev comes back in her life. She feels Dev was the only support she had, and one who could complete her. She says I m incomplete without my Dev. She is helpless to marry Pratham for the family sake. She says I will always love Dev, no matter what happens in my life. Advay spots Chandni crying and feels bad. He tries to console her and give a supporting shoulder. But, his hatred makes him away from Chandni. Chandni stays angry on Advay and maintains distance from him. She tells him that he can never understand her sorrow.


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