Revelation and confrontation time for Kanak-Uma in Tu Sooraj…


Kanak was waiting for this day. Uma Shankar and Kanak go to the registration office. Uma names Bhabho’s shop to Kanak. Kanak gets the shop and get too glad. She hugs the file and feels she has won a big mission by getting her parents’ shop. Bhabho gets emotional and sheds tears. She says I have named this shop on Kanak’s name, but I believed Kanak has snatched my Sooraj and Sandhya, I don’t want anyone to snatch my shop from me. She tells Uma Shankar that she hates Kanak since 20 years. Uma tells Bhabho that Kanak did not snatch her shop, she has done everything to get the shop back. Uma reveals Kanak’s truth to Bhabho. Bhabho gets a shock. Maasi and Uma console Bhabho.

Kanak and Vansh show Uma the footage and confront him for the big deceive he did with Bhabho to get the shop’s ownership. Kanak asks Uma to see this video and save his apology. Uma sees the video. Vansh asks Uma did he not have any shame to cheat an elderly lady for a shop property. Kanak still believes Uma is wrong. Vansh says Bhabho did not know about this deceive. Uma tells them that he does not believe in technology as this makes half truth looks complete. He answers Kanak that this is his younger brother Aditya, who has left from home and is doing wrong things. He says some girl came from Rathi family and told us not to meet Bhabho while dealing for the shop, as this shop means a lot to her, we just respected their emotions and did not come. Kanak realizes Uma is innocent. Aditya will be soon entering the show.


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