Naira to choose either of her two roles in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Baisa poses tough rituals for Dadi. Naira and Kartik support Dadi. Dadi fulfills the rasam by her wish. Dadi says I can do anything for Kirti and Naksh’s happiness. She does not want to turn down groom’s family’s wish. Kartik asks Naksh to finish the work at home first than going to Krishna. Naira makes Naksh and Kirti talk. Kirti asks Naksh if he is happy. Naksh lies that he is happy. Kirti expresses her happiness. Dadi does not take help from Naira and Kartik. Naksh asks Dadi not to do any rituals, which are unnecessary. Naira tells everyone that she will do the marriage rituals, as Kirti is her sister in law. Naira chooses Goenka family and does a bahu duty. Naira completes the rituals, making Baisa proud. Baisa finds a chance to taunt Dadi again.

Naksh’s tilak rituals completes after much drama. Baisa makes Dadi do the tough rituals to teach her a lesson. Baisa is from groom’s side this time. She wants to show tantrums like Dadi did in Kaira’s marriage. Kirti gets dressed up. Suwarna and Surekha take her pictures and send to Naksh. Kirti feels shy. Suwarna says you feel this did not happen at our time, we know all this, see if Naksh messaged and replied. Kirti says Naksh would be sleeping at this time. Surekha pulls Kirti’s leg.

Dadi tells Kirti that everything went well at home. She talks to Naira and asks her to better decide if she is from groom’s family or bride’s family. She thanks Dadi for complete that ritual. She asks Naira to choose being a sister or Bhabhi. Naira is sure that she can keep both relations and duties well. She asks Dadi not to make her choose one of the two families. Dadi clears out that Naira will either do functions as Naksh’s sister or Kirti’s Bhabhi. She asks Naira to think well and take a decision. Naira worries and thinks for Naitik and Naksh, who need her in such hour, when Akshara is not with them. Naira decides that she can’t leave her family, she is a daughter first and then a daughter in law.


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