Nandkishore to spoil Naina’s happiness in Swabhimaan


Naina and Kunal’s haldi function is celebrate. Meghna and Sharda are happy. All the rituals are done. Naina’s Maayka family is given much respect by Chauhan family. Meghna and Naina are worried, as Meghna has to attend Karan’s haldi as well. Sharda asks Meghna not to worry for things here and go to Chauhan house to do bahu’s duty. Nandkishore creates a scene and says this ritual is for Bhabhi and Devar, Bhabhi is like a mum, who wards off bad sight from Devar, but where is Meghna, maybe she does not think she is part of our family, she forgot Bhabhi’s duty and went to do sister’s duty, maybe she went to her Maayka. He asks Bau ji what does he have to say now.

He does drama about Meghna’s absence and insults her. He says she preferred to be with Naina, and not Karan, Bau ji always said one should not divide a joint family. Dada ji tells him that Nandkishore is still finding Meghna, but he did not ask about Kunal once, even Kunal is not here. Nirmala says maybe Kunal is also with Meghna. Dada ji makes Nandkishore speechless. Kunal and Meghna come to do haldi ritual of Karan.



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