Tia reveals about Anika’s big sacrifice in Ishqbaaz


Pinky diverts Shivay by lying more about Anika. She tells him that Anika has shown her true colors to him. She asks him not to believe Anika, as she has caught some other rich guy now. She asks him to be away from Anika. She does not want Shivay to give any chance to Anika again. Shivay happens to meet Tia. Tia gets glad to see Shivay. She tells him about her holiday trip. He asks her if she is happy with her husband. Tia thanks Shivay and Anika for uniting her with Dushyant. She gets mistaken that Anika and Shivay got together again. She tells him about Anika’s big step, which she took for his sake.

Shivay learns that Anika has done that sacrifice for his sake. Tia tells him about Anika’s sacrifice to save Shivay. Shivay tells her that he does not know the truth. Tia discontinues the conversation and goes. Shivay understands there is something he does not know about Anika. He feels Anika has done that by some helplessness, as Omkara was signing him. Shivay decides to find out about Anika’s move. Shivay tries asking Anika what is she hiding from him. Anika avoids him. Shivay understands Anika is hiding something definitely. Anika asks Shivay not to ask anything to her. He asks her about her engagement. She admits she is engaged.

Meanwhile, Gauri plans to give Omkara his required inspiration. Omkara gets an inspiration by Gauri’s efforts. Omkara makes her portrait. Pinky insults Gauri. Omkara asks Gauri not to try anything for him again. Gauri clears to him that she is staying in the house just for him. She asks him to let her go if he does not want to keep any relation with her. Rudra follows Bhavya to know what she is hiding. He saves Bhavya from the rising danger. Bhavya gets angered on Rudra. Rudra asks her to value her life over anything else. They get into an argument. Bhavya asks him to back off and not interfere in her work.


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