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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Shikha and Meghna are very excited for Jhula rasam. They share happiness with Chandni. Chandni gets ready in a modern dress. Advay gets mesmerized seeing Chandni. Advay plans to fool Pratham. Chandni and Advay do the rasam together. Chandni gets to see Advay’s multiple passports. Chandni says whoever he is, he is very dangerous, I have to find who is he in reality.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar meets Anjali in the ICU. She apologizes to Anjali. She asks Anjali to get up. Simar gets arrested. Piyush and Aarav meet her in the police station. Sameer wants Simar to beg for her death. Sameer has taken this decision to ruin Simar by using Anjali. Sameer has played this evil game. Sameer is happy that Simar is where she deserves to be. Piyush asks Simar to think well if she has pulled the trigger and shot Anjali. Inspector says Simar has shot Anjali, no need to talk to her now. He makes Piyush and Aarav leave. Sameer has framed Simar in this blame. Sameer tells Simar that Anjali has slipped in coma. Sameer is not able to forgive Simar for the wrong she did with him in past.

Piyaa Albela:

Neelima makes Supriya beg for food. Naren gets furious. Naren gets into a fight with Rahul. Naren beats up Rahul. Neelima asks Supriya to stop Naren, he has gone mad. Pooja asks Supriya to let Naren do what he is doing. She stops Supriya from coming in between. Neelima and Naren did not expect such change in Naren. Supriya asks Naren to leave Rahul. Pooja spoke to Naren to the point and had turned stone hearted. She just wants Naren to become confident and independent.

Meghna applies haldi to Naina. Dada ji welcomes Mama ji and thanks him for coming home and respecting their invite. He says we have done all arrangements of your stay, feel comfortable and tell us if you need something. Naina’s haldi function happens peacefully.

Raj takes Simran to the place where Simran used to meet Raman. Simran gets flashes of her past. She recalls Raman and tells Raj and Mannu about her marriage happening with Raman. Simran recalls Raman’s death and faints in a shock. Raj hopes Simran will recover her memory soon. He asks Mannu to be ready to get away from his life, when Simran wakes up and tells everyone that Mannu has shot Raman. Simran will be revealing Mohini’s truth that she has killed Raman.


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