Uma gifts biggest happiness to Kanak in Tu Sooraj…


Kanak’s misunderstanding about Uma got cleared. Uma has gone away from him. Kanak worries for Uma. She asks Ved and Vansh to find Uma. She feels Uma has gone back to Ladno. She wants to apologize to Uma. She is much worried and feels guilty. She says I want to talk to him, its imp. Vansh asks her to stop feeling guilty. She says Uma is not wrong. Ved gets Babasa’s call. Babasa asks Ved to come home fast, Bhabho is reacting strange. He asks Kanak to send Ved and Vansh home. Kanak senses Bhabho learnt the shop matter. Kanak goes home to see if Bhabho is fine. Bhabho realizes the big sacrifice Kanak made for her.

Uma has told Bhabho how Kanak stayed in his house and adjusted so much just to get the shop papers. Bhabho gets happy that Kanak understood her emotions and saved the shop. Bhabho calls Kanak her daughter and hugs her. She takes Kanak to the sweet shop and shows Sooraj and Sandhya’s picture. She has accepted Kanak and tells the importance of the shop. Bhabho permits Kanak to enter the shop and make sweets. She asks Kanak to make jalebis for her. Kanak happily gives a jalebi party to everyone. She quickly makes jalebis and feeds Bhabho and Babasa. Bhabho says Kanak is real Ansh of Sooraj and Sandhya, Sooraj has worked hard in this shop and made Sandhya an IPS officer. Bhabho’s surprise makes Kanak’s dream turn true. Kanak gets much emotional. Bhabho praises Kanak to have cooking taste like Sooraj in her hands. Kanak’s hatred for Uma ends. She feels Uma has made her dream possible. Kanak’s thinking about Uma will change. She will be falling in love with Uma.


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