Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Shakti:Soumya gets kidnapped. She gets conscious and finds herself caught by a kinner named Maharani. She tries to escape. Soumya gets caught again. She is much hurt. She did mistake to come to Bangkok, but she does not want to go to Harman. Soumya and many helpless girls are kidnapped by Maharani. Maharani tells them that they won’t get food if they don’t dance. Maharani has big network and kidnaps pretty women to sell them. Soumya is forced to wear a short dress and dance in the bar. Soumya sheds tears. Harman is not able to find Soumya. He did not get her, but still has courage and hope. Harman will reach Maharani’s place.

Meghna and Kunal wrap the gifts. They have a romantic moment. Kunal expresses his love to Meghna. They find little moments to spend between hectic day. Saavri tries getting friendly with Karan. Sandhya creates the situation to bring them together.



Mohan has found out Devanshi/Kalki’s truth. He happens to search for some clue in Kalki’s room. He gets to see Ishwar’s photo in the cupboard. He realizes Kalki is Devanshi, who is ruining them. Devanshi has punished Menka. She was targeting Mohan and Kusum next. Mohan tells Kusum that Kalki is fooling them, she is Devanshi. Kusum asks Mohan not to leave Devanshi. Mohan exposes Devanshi’s truth to the family. Mohan tries to disrespect Devanshi, taking advantage of Vardaan and Pavan’s absence.


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