High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Harman has reached Bangkok to find Soumya. Harman gets the agent’s picture. He misses to see Soumya. Soumya senses Harman’s presence around. Harman buys a pendant for Soumya, and thinks this will suit hiss Gulabo much. He gets a gift for her, unaware that its Soumya’s choice too.

Neil, Ali and Avni give a special surprise to Shweta and Prakash, by performing and showing their life’s journey. Shweta gets touched by Avni’s thought. Shweta and Prakash recall their old days. Neil, Ali and Avni recreate Shweta and Prakash’s past. Avni planned everything for Shweta and Prakash’s anniversary. They get Shweta and Prakash remarried. Bebe also accepts Shweta happily. Shweta gets much happy. Avni feels Bebe has accepted Shweta and what she wanted is fulfilled. Riya comes in the party with some motive.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak’s misunderstanding about Uma got cleared. Uma has gone away from him. Kanak worries for Uma. She asks Ved and Vansh to find Uma. She feels Uma has gone back to Ladno. She wants to apologize to Uma. She is much worried and feels guilty. She says I want to talk to him, its imp. Vansh asks her to stop feeling guilty. She says Uma is not wrong. Ved gets Babasa’s call. Babasa asks Ved to come home fast, Bhabho is reacting strange. He asks Kanak to send Ved and Vansh home. Kanak senses Bhabho learnt the shop matter. Uma will be bringing Bhabho and Kanak closer.


There is an interesting twist coming up in Ishqbaaz. Anika was making stories about Vikram. She gets a shock seeing Vikram in front of her. Shivay welcomes Vikram. He says Anika just talks about you all the time. Vikram says about whom else will she talk, she is my fiancee. Anika gets worried by Vikram’s drama. Shivay invited Vikram, but did not know Vikram will really claim to be Anika’s fiance. Shivay was expecting Anika’s lie to come out. Vikram holds Anika close. Shivay gets uneasy seeing them. Shivay and Anika blame each other in anger. Shivay wants to know if there is really anything between Anika and Vikram, if they are really going to marry.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Chandni recalls her childhood love Dev and cries. She wishes Dev returns in her life. Chandni hugs Dev’s picture. She loves Dev. She apologizes to Dev and says I m helpless to marry Pratham, you forgive me for this. She feels just Dev had rights on her. She goes through Dev’s memories. She is much attached to Dev. Dev is the medicine for her pain. She does not know Dev is in front of her. She is unaware of Advay’s real identity. Advay and Chandni are away by his hatred. Advay wants to pacify her, but limits himself.

Piya Albela:
Naren gets Pooja’s soothing support. Pooja loves Naren. She is with him in every sorrow. Naren is worried. There are many family issues. Naren planned a small gift for Pooja, but it created many problems at home. She explains him that its time for him to rise and become Krishna from Ram. She prepares him to fight with the world. She does not want Naren to suffer because of his goodness. She feels his worries and cries. Naren thanks her for always being there.


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