Bhavya promises to secure Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Ragini and Pinky are happy that Anika will get away from Shivay’s life. Ragini hands over a bridal dress and jewelry to Anika. Anika gets surprised. She takes the things and shuts the door on Ragini’s face. She throws the things in the room and cries. She is hurt that Shivay really wants her to marry someone else. Ragini has done what she wanted. She has made Anika jealous by her lies and clever tricks. Ragini has told Anika that Shivay is very much excited to get Anika married to Vikram. Anika recalls her love journey with Shivay. Later on, everyone learns that Shivay has met with an accident. They see the news and realize Shivay has gone out in Bhavya’s car, and the car has blasted. Bhavya understands the attack was planned on her by the gangster. The family gets too worried. Shivay has told Anika that he will take charge of her wedding.

Anika is worried that Shivay can do anything wrong. Anika sheds tears after seeing the news. Anika fears for his life. Anika wants to run out of the house and meet Shivay. Anika and Pinky’s arguments go on. Omkara and Rudra support Anika. Everyone tries to figure out about Shivay’s accident. Pinky calls Anika an unlucky girl. She blames Anika to be responsible for Shivay’s state. She asks Anika to leave from the house. Omkara stops Pinky from such step. Bhavya promises Anika that she will find Shivay and get him home safely.


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