Ragini happy with Anika’s remarriage in Ishqbaaz


Anika is getting married to Vikram. Ragini is very happy that Anika is getting away from Shivay. She gets some jewelry sets and gifts Anika. Anika sits crying in her room and thinks of her time with Shivay. Pinky congratulates Anika for her marriage. She starts taunting Anika. She hurts Anika’s emotions. She says you came in this house as bahu and now going away to marry someone else, I treated you so bad but you proved my opinion about you was right, I m very happy you are going, you challenged me that Shivay will get you home with respect as his wife, but he is doing something else, he is sending you as someone’s wife.

She says Shivay and you got divorced, I have snatched Shivay from you, like you are remarrying, you proved you never loved Shivay, you just loved his money and status. Anika shows her the door. She asks Pinky to get lost. Pinky tests her patience. Rudra and Gauri try to unite Shivay and Anika. Rudra thanks Gauri for coming back home. He says I feel like having an army with me, just tell me your plans, I will help you. She says my plans will be different, I have come now and will solve Shivay-Anika’s problems. Rudra says be it any plan, I m ready to do anything to unite them.


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