TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A big abshagun happens in Goenka house. Naksh and Kirti’s wedding cards get burnt. The cards were kept in the temple where Akhand jyot was kept. Naira took the responsibility from Dadi that she will sit awake all night and light the jyot. Naira falls asleep. The temple area catches fire. Naira wakes up and sees the fire burning the cards. Naira gets a huge shock. Dadi did not wish any abshagun to happen. Naksh and Kirti’s marriage is dealt sensitively. Dadi and everyone come running after seeing the fire. Kartik lifts Naira and saves her from the fire. Everyone gets water to blow off the fire. Naira cries. Dadi reacts angrily on Naira for being so careless. Naira apologizes to Dadi. Kartik consoles Naira.


Nandkishore and Meghna have an argument. He does not leave any chance to show her down. Nandkishore tries to insult Meghna’s family. He asks Mama ji is the food fine, how is the office work going on. He asks Dada ji not to talk in between, as he is talking to his employee. Meghna feels bad seeing her Mama’s insult. She finds an idea to deal with this situation. She asks her Mama to apply for holiday than managing two things. She says you can enjoy Naina’s marriage well if you take off from office work. Nandkishore says she is right, you have a leave and there won’t be any payment till you join back.


Anika is getting married to Vikram. Ragini is very happy that Anika is getting away from Shivay. She gets some jewelry sets and gifts Anika. Anika sits crying in her room and thinks of her time with Shivay. Pinky congratulates Anika for her marriage. She starts taunting Anika. She hurts Anika’s emotions. She says you came in this house as bahu and now going away to marry someone else, I treated you so bad but you proved my opinion about you was right, I m very happy you are going, you challenged me that Shivay will get you home with respect as his wife, but he is doing something else, he is sending you as someone’s wife.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Aman gets baraat for Teni. Bhanushali family is very happy for Teni. They welcome Aman’s baraat. Aman dances in his baraat. He is very excited to marry Teni. Shorvori does the rituals and welcomes him. She does groom’s tilak and aarti. Shorvori teases Aman and says she will not do his aarti. Aman says its fine, I will jump over and go. Aman says I just want to get a glimpse of Teni. Shorvori blocks his way and asks him to wait, no mischief. Shorvori pulls his nose and asks him to always remember, its not easy to get a bride. Shorvori and Parth worry for Teni.


Chakor, Suraj, Imli and Vivaan pack their bags for trekking. There is a wave of happiness in their lives. Imli is excited to go on picnic. Vivaan says once Suraj and Chakor get married, we will go on honeymoon along with them. Imli says we can go even now, their love will get strong, the tension time will get away, its better to go out than staying in haveli.


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