YRKKH – Naira learns Naksh’s sacrifice


Naira manages to do all arrangements. Dadi and ladies do the puja for Kirti’s happiness. Suwarna asks Naira to take some rest. Naira tells Dadi that she will sit and stay guarding the diya. She thinks its matter of few hours and starts feeling tired. Suwarna and Surekha get glad seeing Kirti’s dressing up. They help Kirti and send her picture to Naksh. Surekha pulls Kirti’s leg. Naira falls asleep, while all the things catches fire. Kartik happens to see Naira and gets a shock. He wakes her up and rescues her from fire. Naira tries hard to get the cards. He asks her to come to senses. Dadi gets hugely disappointed with Naira. Everyone gets upset with Naira for not keeping her promise.

Kartik clears that Naira is not at fault, it was just an accident. Dadi says this could make things wrong with Kirti’s future. She scolds Naira for doing the abshagun. Kartik supports Naira. He promises Dadi that he will get the similar cards. Dadi asks Kaartik not to give her any more Gyaan by defending his wife. Naira feels guilty. Kartik cheers her up. Naira designs a special rakhi for Naksh, while Dadi wants Naira’s rakhi to be very special. Naira makes the rakhi with love. She feels handmade rakhi has more love than any designer rakhi. Dadi wants Naira to keep Goenkas’ standards. Kartik worries for Naira. He asks her to take care of herself and have food on time, else he will keep her caged at home. He limits her from household work.

Naira plans to surprise Naksh on Raksha bandhan. Naira goes to Singhania house and finds Naksh stressed. Yash and Rose become part of Naksh’s marriage celebrations. Naksh and Naira celebrate Raksha bandhan. Naira and Yash find Naksh unhappy. While everyone dance, Naksh distances himself from the happiness. Naira thinks what happened to Naksh, she has to talk to him and know the matter. Yash asks Naksh why is he not happy. Naksh tells Yash that he does not love Kirti, he is just marrying Kirti for the sake of Naira’s happiness. Naira gets to hear this shocking truth.


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