High Five Spoilers

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Swabhimaan: Nirmala learns Saavri’s truth. She gets angry and slaps Saavri. Her patience breaks. Nirmala asks Saavri who the hell are you to do all this in my house. She says I have seen you burning your own clothes, no need to lie now, you and your mum want to make my son pay for my mistake, you are trying to get close to Karan, I will not let you ruin Karan and Naina’s happiness. Saavri is creating situations to get Karan close. Nirmala asks her to stop it and warns her to stay away from Karan. Nirmala understands Saavri’s bad intentions. She says Karan is Naina’s husband, none can snatch Naina’s husband from Naina, not even Karan can decide to get away from Naina. Saavri gets angry and goes to Pushpa.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Raksha bandhan is celebrated in Singhania house. Naira, Ananya, Mishti and Gayu celebrate the festival with Naksh and Yash. The functions are meant to spread happiness. Goenkas become part of the function. Naksh is very happy to get Rakhi tied by Naira. Dadi wants everything to be on time. Surekha tells her that Rakhis are coming. Dadi wants rasam to happen on mahurat. Naksh visits Goenkas. Naira is happy to meet Naksh and tie him her handmade rakhi. Kirti and Naira tease each other. Dadi tries to make Baisa her friend.


Avni’s problems get high. Avni has lost Bebe’s trust. Shweta’s taunts trouble Avni. Avni reveals her identity truth to everyone. Shweta says we are not fools to melt by your fake tears. She is sure that Bebe will not believe Avni again. Bebe tells Avni that she has done wrong to hide the matter from them. Prakash supports Avni and asks Bebe to hear Avni once, they can understand their helplessness. He asks Bebe to give a chance to Avni. He says Avni has hidden truth, but her intentions were not bad.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Aru wanted to take part in a competition and win. Mukhi is preparing her, and making her practice for the rounds. Saawan utsav is celebrated. The competition is between 13 villages. Mukhi and Aru have to make their village win, as they are the recent newly weds. Aru has big responsibility to save her village’s name. Aru loses in the first round. Mukhi encourages her to keep going.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak meets Uma at the temple. She tells her entire truth to him. Uma does not react knowing anything. His silence troubles Kanak. Kanak tells him that she has done everything for the sweet shop. She returns him the jewelry and money, which she took from him as financial security. She tells him that she got what she wanted, she does not want anything else. She thinks why did Uma not give any lecture today. She feels if there is some mystery behind his silence.


Everyone gets the bad news of Shivay’s accident. Anika can’t wait to see him. She fears for his life. Dadi and everyone console Anika. Anika can’t believe all the happening. Dadi explains Anika that they are made for each other, Shivay’s anger, happiness and persona returned on her return. She reminds what happened to Shivay when Anika went away. She says we got our Shivay back because of you, you both are soul mates, nothing will happen to him. Gauri asks Anika to meet Sahil.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Indrani had kept a Jhulan rasam for Chandni and Pratham. A special swing is made for Chandni. Everyone is happy for Chandni. While she sits in the swing, Advay stops Pratham from doing the rasam along with Chandni. The swing begins to rise up. Advay does the rasam with Chandni, after she calls him for help. Chandni has called police to get Advay arrested. She wants to expose his truth. She fails to prove anything. Indrani asks Chandni to answer what is she doing. Inspector asks Chandni is she is doing any joke. Chandni tries to explain what she has seen, the evidence against Advay. Chandni gets speechless.


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