Chandni and Advay fulfill Jhulan rasam in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni gets emotional thinking of her marriage and bidaai. She wants to stay in her home, with her family. Advay meets Veer. They get surprised. Advay tells Veer that this is his house. Veer reminds Advay of his younger brother. Veer asks Advay to leave his intense expressions and chill. Veer asks him about Chandni. Advay fails to answer him. Veer understands Advay is interested in Chandni.

Chandni asks Advay to leave from the house, else she will call police. Advay asks her if she will send her would be husband to jail. He reminds its his house and none can make him leave. Chandni challenges to throw him out. Shikha treats Veer well and impresses Indrani. Chandni tells about the Jhulan rasam, which will be first proper one with Pratham. Advay helps Indrani with the preparations. Chandni and Pratham go for the Jhulan rasam. Indrani tells everyone about the rasam, while Advay fulfills the part of ritual with Chandni, showing its done unintentionally. Advay does not let Pratham sit on the swing. Chandni seeks help from Advay. Advay becomes her knight in shining armour and saves her. Advay pacifies frightened Chandni. They together complete the Jhulan rasam.


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