High Five Spoilers

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Avni and Neil offer prayers on the occasion of Janmashtami puja. They celebrate the festival along with their family. Neil and Avni do the aarti of Krishna. A shocking turn comes, when Bebe asks Avni to leave from the house. Avni gets upset. She says I will not trouble you all, I will leave from this house, I don’t want to ashame you all more. Bebe is very angry on Avni. Shweta provokes Bebe’s anger. Shweta wants to get rid of Avni as soon as possible. Shweta says Avni is acting to care for our family, but does she know the meaning of family. She insults Avni and emotionally hurts her. Avni misses Neil in such breaking moment.

Sasural Simar Ka
Sameer’s mum makes an entry in Bharadwaj house. Sameer shows his true colors to everyone. He welcomes his mum home. Simar gets a shock seeing her. Sameer’s revenge motives will be seen. Sameer’s mum is like a don woman. Sameer hugs his mum. The family worries seeing the lady.

Piya Albela:
Pooja has taken a big decision and wants Naren to become independent. She has made a sacrifice of her happiness. She has become maid of the house. She wants Naren to live with self esteem. Naren stops Pooja from working as maid. She cleans the floor. Rahul stops Naren from talking to her. He falls down the slippery floor. Naren and Rahul get into an argument. Pooja stops Naren. She is doing this to make Naren earn for himself. She will give many tests to make him capable of taking care of himself and his family. She knows Naren is very innocent and anyone can misuse his goodness. She does not want anyone to take advantage of Naren’s simplicity.

Maya traps Arjun once again. Arjun gets to meet Samay. Maya has stabbed Samay. Arjun gets angry on her. This time, Arjun is caught in a dilemma over saving his life or killing her. Maya has killed Samay and cleans the fingerprints from the knife. She stuns Arjun and hands over the knife to Arjun. Arjun in state of shock acts ignorant and holds Samay’s dead body. Arjun catches Maya’s neck to strangulate her. Maya asks Arjun to save himself first.

Chandrakanta and Virendra’s romance will be seen. She expresses her annoyance to him. She asks him to think about someone else. She teases him with her magical powers. Virendra tests her. She asks him to come close, if he said he can’t stay away. He asks her if she has got the powers to trouble him. She has saved Virendra’s life by using her powers. She jokes on him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun believes in Ishita after the latter saved her life. Shagun does not know Ishita is Raman’s wife. Ashok proposes Shagun for marriage. Shagun gets in a dilemma over accepting his proposal. Ishita does not let Shagun nod to Ashok. Shagun dwells in the past phase of her life. Ishita thinks of hurrying and finding some way to get Raman freed from all blames. Meanwhile, Ashok plays safe and gets erasing all the evidences that could save Raman. Shagun gets to see Raman and Ishita’s marriage pictures, which Ruhi had hidden randomly in the room. Shagun gets a doubt about Ishita, and finds Ishimaa name familiar. She learns about Ishra’s marriage. Ishita worries for Shagun’s mental health.



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