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Dhhai Kilo Prem: Piyush tells his mum that his vehicle got damaged. Piyush blames Dipika. He shows a picture in phone to prove his lie true. He says I did not drive the car, Dipika was driving. Piyush’s mum gives him some money. His dad knows Piyush is not so good, he has done this and lying about Dipika. Dipika was just helping Piyush when he has hit the car.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma and Kanak reach the temple to celebrate Teej festival. Kanak wants to break all ties with him. She does not know its Uma’s plan. Uma does not give her the shop completely, being afraid that Kanak will leave him once she gets the shop. Kanak checks the papers well and loses temper. Kanak and Uma have to share the sweet shop now. Ved and Vansh witness the money. Kanak gets angry on Uma and breaks their ghat bandhan. Their relation gets spoiled.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer’s mum has come in Bharadwaj house. She makes the family leave from the house. Everyone gets homeless. Sameer’s mum Bhairavi started troubling them. Sanjana says this is my Sasural, I m Sameer’s wife. Bhairavi asks Sanjana to stay with them. She has a motive to stop Sanjana. She will control Sanjana and use her in taking revenge from Simar.

Chandrakanta spies on Parizaat. She wants to get Babni’s love back. She gets caught and punished. Parizaat is Babni’s love. Babni has helped Chandrakanta and has put life in Virendra’s idol. Chandrakanta wants to return the favor. She tries to influence Parizaat. She thinks to unite Bani and Parizaat. Parizaat tries to kill her. Virendra stops her. Parizaat accepts that she used to love Babni before, but when he turned scary, her love ended. Virendra and Chandrakanta try explaining true love. Parizaat wants to marry Virendra and kill Chandrakanta.


Avni goes away from Neil. He can’t live without her. He meets her and asks her to come back home. She refuses to him so that his house has peace. Neil tells her that if her decision is final, he will not come back to her again. He tells her that once he goes, their relation will end. Neil gets helpless to his heart.


Anika and Shivay have an argument. They both fire anger at each other. She misses him and cries, recalling the bitter things she told him. She has told him that he can’t live without her. Even, he told the same to her. Shivay leaves from the house and is assumed to meet with an accident. Shivay tests Anika by disappearing from home. Anika sheds tear flood on his disappearance. Ragini announces to the media that she is Shivay’s fiancée. Pinky supports Ragini. Ragini is taking advantage of Shivay’s absence.



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