High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer sees Sanjana injured and lifts her. He takes her out from kitchen. Bhairavi’s heart does not melt. She gets annoyed with Sameer for caring for an enemy and going against her. Sameer takes Sanjana to the room. He feels sorry to hurt Sanjana. Bhairavi thinks to make Sanjana away from Sameer. Sanjana gets to hear Bhairavi’s humiliating words. She still sticks to her aim to bring out Sameer’s secrets.

Maya gets saved once again. She has trapped Arjun. Some goons succeed in freeing Maya. Maya stabs Samar in time. She gives the knife to Arjun. Police comes to arrest Arjun. Maya got a well wisher. Maya gets informed that Arjun has run away from OT. Maya gets inside the OT and checks for Arjun. She sees Saanjh’s mum’s operation going on and creates a scene in the OT, asking them where is Arjun. Ayaan and Saanjh’s brother stop Maya. Maya gets a call and leaves from OT to find Arjun. She learns Arjun has rescued Saanjh and they have run away.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:
Everyone is sympathizing Vicky. He is getting ahead by winning their trust. He is pretending to be good with everyone. Even the kids are supporting him. Vicky is succeeding in his plans. He will come back home soon. He will cleverly trick Dev and get all of Dev’s property to his name. Dev celebrates Rakshabandhan with his sisters. Sonakshi too celebrates the festival with Saurabh. Golu refuses to get rakhi tied, but everyone convince him. Ishwari takes care of Sonakshi, after Sonakshi breaks her pregnancy news to the family. Suhana ties the rakhi to Sonakshi’s hand to welcome her coming sibling. The family gets very happy.

Anika and Shivay get emotional and recall the moment when they got engaged before. With many past romantic moments flashing in mind, Anika sheds tears and gets away from Shivay. They have much confusion in mind. They are soul mates, even then their tashan is not letting them unite. Both don’t want to mend their decisions. They both don’t confess love. Shivay has made her wear the ring and proved that Anika will always be in his life. Anika too believes this, but wants him to speak it out.


A romantic union between Chakor and Suraj will be seen. The couple marries in the resorts, without the pandit and rasams. Suraj says we will marry before your mood changes. Suraj gets a mangalsutra for Chakor. He makes her wear the mangalsutra of his name. They have a namesake marriage to celebrate their happiness. Bhaiya ji is trying to get Chakor killed at the resorts. A man keeps an eye on Chakor. Suraj takes Chakor away to some place with him. Chakor and Suraj’s romance will seen. Suraj confesses love to her. She gets angry on him, as he is not understanding her worries. Suraj asks her to leave all worries. She scolds him and asks him not to drink wine again. Suraj jokes with her. She angrily leaves from there. Suraj follows her and convinces her by praising her.


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