Advay declares his intentions in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay turns crazy to accept pain from Chandni’s side and walk on the glass pieces to fulfill the rasam. Chandni asks him to think well, he will have to bear much pain to fulfill rasam. He accepts Chandni’s challenge and gift. Chandi gets touched by Advay’s step. Everyone gets astonished when Advay heroically completes the rasam. Advay has one motive to win Chandni’s heart and then break her down. Chandni feels sad seeing his injured feet.

Advay gets a surprise when his Nani comes to meet him. Nani tells him how much she missed Advay. She gets emotional on their loss. She does not want to lose Advay. She is afraid that Advay will win in hatred and lose everything. Advay tells her that he can never forgive Chandni. She asks him to find out truth well before ruining Chandni’s life. He refuses to immerse his parents’ ashes till he ruins Chandni’s family. She asks him not to snatch her grandson from her. Chandni misses Dev and writes a letter to him. She feels Dev has left her forever.

She waits for Dev, hoping he will return. Chandni goes to help Advay and do the aid. Advay turns down her help. Chandni sees his hatred. She tells him that her parents never did wrong with anyone. He asks her to stop lying to herself. Advay declares his intentions, to ruin her family name. He challenges her to stop him if he can. He begins his planning to break Chandni’s alliance. Advay plans to expose Shakun and succeeds. Everyone gets a shock on learning Shakun and Ranjit’s affair.


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