Chakor becomes Bhaiya ji’s target yet again in Udaan


Chakor is attacked by Bhaiya ji’s goons. Chakor is away from Suraj. She escapes from the resort in a car. The goon gets her car, but she runs away. There is none to help her from the goons. The goons catch her. Suraj looks for Chakor. Vivaan and Imli do the Teej puja in temple. He makes Imli enjoy the swing ritual. Imli sends Vivaan to get some utensil to perform the ritual. Vivaan goes from there. Chakor reaches the temple and sees Imli. She tries to seek their help. Vivaan and Imli don’t see her. The ladies make Chakor perform the Teej rituals. Imli falls down and gets hurt. They rush Imli to the hospital.

Chakor hides her face and diverts the goons. She leaves from the temple after some time. Suraj tries to find Chakor. He gets angry seeing Bhaiya ji. He blames Bhaiya ji for separating Chakor and him. He asks Bhaiya ji to answer where is Chakor. Kasturi, Bhuvan and Tejaswini worry for Chakor, on knowing she has gone missing from the resort. Bhaiya ji lies to Suraj that he is worried for Chakor and he has come here to help him. He does not want Chakor to live in peace. Suraj leaves him and tries finding Chakor.

Chakor gets shot by the goon, while she was reaching Vivaan. Vivaan hears the bullet sound and sees Chakor. Chakor gets injured. Vivaan spots Chakor surrounded by the goons. Goons run away for some time. Vivaan worries for her and does first aid to her. He asks what’s happening here, who were the goons, I will take you to hospital. Chakor tells him that she is fine, bullet just touched her arm. Chakor tells him that they have to know whose planning is this, they have to find the mastermind before they leave for hospital. They both doubt on Bhaiya ji. Chakor wants to confront Bhaiya ji. Goons stop them. Vivaan beats the goon to save Chakor. Suraj reaches the place. He finds Vivaan and Chakor in trouble, and fights with the goons. Vivaan then heads back to the temple. The ladies tell Vivaan about Imli’s injury. Imli will give birth to her premature baby. Keep reading.



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