Chandni’s hatred for Advay tones down in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay completes the important ritual with Chandni. He walks on the glass pieces put by Chandni’s sisters, who wanted to teach him a lesson for doing the ritual with Chandni. Advay tells Chandni that he will happily accept all the pain gifted by Chandni. Chandni gets into a dilemma over his madness and love. She feels why is Advay so adamant to get her in his life.

Advay loves Chandni, but there is no confession. Chandni gets a shock seeing him. She ended her hatred and forwarded her friendship after seeing Advay’s bleeding feet. She got the ointment for his injured feet. Advay throws the ointment. He refuses to take her help. Nani is upset with Advay’s doings. She asks him what did he get by troubling Chandni. When Shakun and Ranjit’s relation truth comes out, Advay sees Chandni’s sorrow over the matter. Chandni fears for Kajal’s heartbreak. Chandni goes to console Kajal. Kajal sheds tears and is much hurt that her sister has cheated her so badly. She didn’t know Shakun will back stab her. Chandni hugs Kajal and asks her to not let anything stop her from living her life.

Meghna and Shikha tell Chandni that Pratham is ready to marry her even now. They get busy in preparations. Advay is keen to hurt Chandni. Advay wants to make Chandni’s sangeet a memorable event. He invites singer Mika singh to add stars to the sangeet. Chandni and Pratham’s sangeet is planned by Advay. Advay makes the function a super hit. Mika performs on his superhit songs. Chandni likes Advay’s surprise. Advay tells Chandni that he has done all the planning for their sangeet.



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