Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Harman has got Soumya back home. He gets drunk. He asks Soumya to stop being stubborn. She is annoyed with him. He asks her not to force him for fulfilling her wish, he can’t announce to the world that she is a kinner. Soumya tells him that she will not talk to him. He says fine, I m ready to tell your truth to everyone, whenever you want. He asks her to listen why he has done this, it was just to secure her. Soumya is angry with him and reminds him that she is his servant. Harman vents out anger on her. He asks her to get money and get free from him. Things get worse between them.


Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar suggests Sanjana to find Sameer’s motives. She gives some spying tips to Sanjana. Sanjana follows the footprints and wants to find Sameer’s secret. She puts ink on his slippers to know where is he going. She reaches a storeroom. She sees Sameer talking to a mystery person. She wonders who is staying in their house and helping Sameer. Bhairavi too meets the person. Sanjana fails to know the person’s truth.

Chakor gets shot by the goon, while she was reaching Vivaan. Vivaan hears the bullet sound and sees Chakor. Chakor gets injured. Vivaan worries for her and does first aid to her. He asks what’s happening here, who were the goons, I will take you to hospital. Chakor tells him that she is fine, bullet just touched her arm. Chakor tells him that they have to know whose planning is this, they have to find the mastermind before they leave for hospital. They both doubt on Bhaiya ji. Chakor wants to confront Bhaiya ji. Goons stop them. Vivaan beats the goon to save Chakor. Suraj finds Vivaan and Chakor in trouble, and fights with the goons.


Karan waits for Naina. He sees the palanquin. Saavri dons ghunghat and comes there. He assumes its Naina and then sees Saavri’s face. She starts the drama. Saavri crazily loves Karan. She is crossing all limits to get Karan. She sheds tears on her bad fate. She does emotional blackmail.She has played another trick to divide Naina and Karan. She tells Karan that her mum always punishes her and locks her in the room, her life will have darkness again.



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