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Sasural Simar Ka:
Khushi comes to meet Bhairavi and hits on he door to anger the latter. Khushi says I have to tell something important. Bhairavi asks her to come in morning and talk. Khushi insists her to listen. Bhairavi slaps Khushi. Khushi gets a shock. She came to tell something to Bhairavi. Khushi changes her mind when Bhairavi slaps her. Sanjana was trying to stop Khushi. Bhairavi scolds Khushi for spoiling her sleep. Bhairavi does not know what Khushi wants to tell her.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay completes the important ritual with Chandni. He walks on the glass pieces put by Chandni’s sisters, who wanted to teach him a lesson for doing the ritual with Chandni. Advay tells Chandni that he will happily accept all the pain gifted by Chandni. Chandni gets into a dilemma over his madness and love. She feels why is Advay so adamant to get her in his life.



None expected Anika and Vikram to get engaged. Anika gets ready for the engagement. Anika and Shivay see each other, with a sinking heart. They have much to tell each other. They don’t want to express their feelings, waiting for each other to speak up first. They have much love in hears, but are tight lipped. They have a talk via signs, requesting each other to tell their feelings. Anika and Shivay forget the world. Vikram too falls for Anika on seeing her coming for engagement. Shivay wants Anika to stop and come back in his life. Shivay calls Anika to stop her. Anika walks away from him.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush takes his dad to Dipika and makes her admit that she has hit the car. Dipika laughs on seeing Piyush getting punished by his dad. Piyush has invited problem for himself. He was complaining his dad about Dipika. She is clever enough to fail all his drama. Piyush laid the trap to blame Dipika. He was expecting his dad to scold Dipika. He played a good game, but his dad does not scold Dipika. He does not see the dent on the car. Piyush checks the car and does not see any dent. His dad asks him was he dreaming about this, atleast he should dream good things. Dipika failed Piyush’s plans. Piyush gets scolded by his dad. Dipika gets the car keys. Piyush’s dad asks him not to touch the car again. Dipika has removed the car dent by pouring hot water. She tells Piyush that she has searched for remedy on internet and solved the problem. Piyush gets annoyed with her.


Dayavanti takes help from Gurumaa after proving her loyalty. She asks Gurumaa to kill Neil, so that her enemy Avni loses all the support. Gurumaa promises to fulfill this task. She sends her goons to attack on Neil. After Avni and Neil’s musical tashan at Ali’s cafe, Neil leaves from there. Neil gets attacked by Gurumaa. Neil lands in hospital in an injured state. Avni gets him for treatment. Avni gets restless to know about his state. She asks doctor about Neil. Doctor tells Avni that Neil’s operation is done, but Neil has to get conscious within monitoring time, else he can slip in coma.



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