Ishwari’s expectations get high in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Ishwari and Mami are very happy. Mami asks Ishwari not to worry, happiness will come home. Ishwari wants to think positive. She dreams of welcoming her grandson. She wants to raise her grandson with love. She has missed all the good moments when Suhana was born. She says I did not see Suhana taking her first step, growing up and learning things, this time my grandson will be growing in front of me, I m happy. Ishwari has a desire to get a grandson and decides name too. She wants the family to get complete.

Mami asks how is she sure that Sonakshi will give birth to a boy. Ishwari says I will welcome even a girl, there is nothing like boy or girl, we already got Laxmi ji as Suhana, so I just wish that little Dev comes this time. Mami tells about her son’s successful business. Ishwari congratulates her. They wish the house gets full of happiness. Ishwari’s daughters have an argument over Ishwari not giving them time and just thinking of Sonakshi’s care. Ishwari gets emotional and tells them what she went through at the time of their birth. She does not want to lose hope. Ishwari teaches them the same lesson to always keep courage under any circumstances.




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