Shakti : Soumya misunderstands Harman


Harman has got Soumya back home. He gets drunk. He asks Soumya to stop being stubborn. She is annoyed with him. He asks her not to force him for fulfilling her wish, he can’t announce to the world that she is a kinner. Soumya tells him that she will not talk to him. He says fine, I m ready to tell your truth to everyone, whenever you want. He asks her to listen why he has done this, it was just to secure her. Soumya is angry with him and reminds him that she is his servant.

Soumya tells Harman that she is a kinner and she has total rights to live her life the way she wants. Harman vents out anger on her. Harman tells her that he has paid huge amount to save her, and asks her to pay the amount to get release from him. She gets upset hearing this. He asks her to live life as she wants, but only after repaying the amount. Soumya tells Harman that he will pay her a price for every work she does for him, even for talking and showing his rights on her. Harman wants Soumya to understand why he is doing all this. Soumya misunderstands him. He asks her to get money and take freedom. Things get worse between them.


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