Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak and Uma dance in the Teej function. Uma shows his lighter side by singing a filmi song and shaking a leg with Kanak in Rathi house’s Teej celebrations. Kanak gets surprised seeing Uma’s sweet nature. Uma did not know he will also change for Kanak’s sake. Kanak and Uma look a perfect jodi to everyone. Uma turns naughty and tries to change her anger into smile. Kanak’s anger dips down. She did not expect such a surprise from Uma. Uma did not hear any film song ever. Uma dances to please her. Kanak couldn’t control her laughter.


Avni and Neil enjoy the Dahi handi competition. Neela learns about the time bomb planted in Dahi handi. Neil climbs the pyramid to break the Dandi. Neela shouts out to Neil to come down, there is a bomb in the pot. Neela gets to know the planning. Neela shouts a lot, but her voice does not reach Neil. Avni asks Neela what happened. Neela tells the truth to Avni. Avni gets a shock knowing about the bomb. Avni runs to alert Neil. Neil falls down when the bomb explodes. Neil gets wounded. The human pyramid breaks down.


Anika and Vikram’s sangeet ceremony will be seen. Shivay and Anika have eyes on each other. Shivay plans to get the sangeet in his favor again, just like he did in engagement. Shivay and Ragini dance, while Anika and Vikram dance in the sangeet. Shivay and Anika are connected by souls. The couples change partners in the dance. Shivika gets an opportunity to dance together. Shivay expresses his love for Anika via eyes. Anika wants him to speak up and is angry on his silence. Gauri and Omkara too dance with them. They are much in love, and still have to accept it. Same thing goes with Anika and Shivay. Ragini gets jealous seeing Shivay and Anika. Gauri stays cool as Anika’s marriage will surely stop midway. Shivay gets angry on Vikram, but Ragini takes Shivay with her.


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