Advay calms Chandni’s flaring fears in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Indrani sends Pratham and Chandni on a dinner date. Chandni likes Pratham’s company for a while and laughs on his jokes. Pratham soon changes his colors. Pratham takes Chandni to the disco, where she gets panicking seeing strangers. Pratham makes her scared to use her fears and weakness. Pratham asks his friends to trouble Chandni. Everyone dances around Chandni on loud music, to awaken all her fears.

Chandni feels terrible and starts shaking. Pratham dances with his friends. Chandni starts crying in fear. The people don’t let her go. Chandni’s fears get high. She recalls the old trauma. Chandni thinks of Advay and calls him to seek help. Advay will be saving Chandni. Advay finds Chandni broken. He encourages her to fight for herself. He thinks he too wanted to hurt Chandni, but seeing her feeble state, he can’t even get revenge in mind. Chandni gets crying and finds solace in Advay’s support. Advay asks her not to feel afraid. He gets raging to teach a lesson to Pratham. Chandni doesn’t want to marry Pratham. Pratham’s evil drama brings Chandni and Advay closer. Will Chandni take a stand for herself and go against Indrani? Keep reading.


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