High Five Spoilers

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Dev gets panicking when Sonakshi gets labor pain. The family takes Sonakshi to hospital. Bijoy asks Dev to be strong. Suhana comes to them and gives the good news that her little brother has come. She takes Dev to meet the baby. Dev and Sonakshi get blessed with a baby boy. Dev and Ishwari get glad seeing the new member in the family.


Avni stays with Neil in the hospital. Aman informs Dayavanti that Avni has gone home. Dayavanti finds this an opportunity to kill Neil. Aman and Dayavanti get after Neil’s life. Dayavanti takes a nurse’s disguise and goes to the hospital to kill Neil. She finds Neil unconscious. Dayavanti takes a pillow to suffocate him to death, just like she killed Aisha. She tells Neil that some pain will relief him from this world. She forgot that its not easy to kill Neil. Neil struggles for his life and falls down the bed. Avni hears the sound and comes to check on him.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Pratham terrifies Chandni and takes her with him, acting to pacify her. Pratham tells her that he is taking her to a secure place. He plays a game. Advay understands his game. Chandni gets fainting. Advay reaches her and becomes her strength as always. He asks Chandni is she fine. Advay becomes her savior again. Advay saves Chandni and gets her home.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira talk to Dadi. Dadi tells them about Baisa taking Kirti for a puja and how they agreed to Baisa to get the marriage ahead. Naira learns about Kirti’s Shuddikaran puja organized by Baisa. Naira asks Dadi how can she allow Baisa to do this. Naira and Kartik leave for the temple. Baisa cheated Naksh and called him to the temple. Kirti gets a shock knowing about Shuddikaran puja and agrees to Baisa. Kirti feels bad and cries. Baisa lied to Naksh and Kirti, and started the puja by falling in Rukmani’s words.


Imli and Vivaan have a huge confrontation. They both slap each other while arguing about their child. Imli gets angry on him and scolds him. Vivaan too gets angry on her and breaks the mirror. Vivaan asks Imli how can she hide such a big truth from him. He calls her a cheater. She asks him how can he talk badly with her. He asks her how dare she act of madness and fool him. He pushes her on the ground. Their fight goes on. Imli tells him that she loves him a lot, she can’t live without him. Imli has lied to him about her miscarriage. She was hiding from Vivaan that she has lost her baby.


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