Kartik and Manish to get along in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik and Manish argue over booking a marriage hall for Kirti and Naksh’s marriage. Manish says you told me that we will not interfere in each other’s life, so keep your mouth shut. Kartik goes against Manish and books a wedding hall as per the availability. Both of them are right on their fronts. Manish wants to book a grand wedding hall as promised to Singhanias to match up with Naira and Kartik’s wedding palace. Kartik asks him not to go for show off and better keep the wedding in the available wedding hall. Kartik says I remember it well, I m doing my work, not interfering in anyone’s life, I m called here to look after Kirti’s happiness. Kirti sees them arguing and starts crying. Naira scolds Manish and Kartik for always fighting and not thinking of Kirti. Naira says Kirti felt so bad, she is crying. Manish and Kartik behave well for Kirti’s sake.

Manish and Kartik don’t agree on one thing ever. They get a reason to fight always. Kartik had bitter relation with Manish since childhood. Manish recalls the same incident happened with him in childhood, and laughs. Manish and Kartik take the same coffee cup. The coffee falls on Kartik’s hand. Manish gets worried for him. Manish asks Kartik to apply ice, cold water or medicine. Kartik says coffee was not so hot, its fine. Manish and Kartik break the ice between them and laugh. Kartik sees his dad’s unseen good side. Their relation will turn into a sweet loving one soon.


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