Dadi gets upset with Baisa’s plans in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik and Manish apologize to Kirti and promise to be with her without any fights and issues. Kirti gets happiness, all thanks to Naira. Pandit meets Goenkas, but couldn’t tell about Shuddikaran puja. Naira too sees the pandit and wonders why did he come here. Baisa and Rukmani come to take Kirti from home for the puja. Baisa makes an excuse and stops Pandit from revealing anything to Goenkas. Baisa lies that puja is for Naksh and Kirti’s prosperity. Dadi asks Kirti to come and meet her inlaws.

Dadi doubts on Baisa for coming without any hidden intentions. Dadi gets to see pandit’s diary and learns about Shuddikaran puja. Dadi feels bad, but keeps quiet just for Kirti’s happiness. Dadi confronts Baisa for Shuddikaran puja. She asks Baisa to clear her misunderstandings. Dadi and Baisa act normal in front of Naira. Manish and Kartik get into an argument again. Manish does not want to offend Kartik. They apologize to each other. They try doing things together, just the way Kirti likes. Kartik and Manish come closer while doing the preparations. They recall the old time. Naira senses Dadi is worried and unhappy. Dadi’s mood spoils. She doesn’t let Naira go with Kirti in puja. Naira suspects Dadi is hiding something. Naira gets pandit’s diary, and learns about Kirti’s Shuddikaran puja. She decides to oppose it.


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