Another problem for Dipika in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika and Piyush get worried when Rukmani Tai ji comes home and asks for her son Rahul. She insults everyone. There is a storm in Sharma house. She says you all were proud of Meghna, what happened now, did you lose the ground under the feet. Dipika and Piyush try to stop her. Tai ji asks Meghna where is Rahul. Meghna gets worried and speechless hearing all the blames on her.

Piyush asks her to leave from their house. Piyush’s dad says Meghna has no relation with Rahul, you go and control him. Tai ji shows the court marriage papers and blames Meghna for trapping her son. She says Meghna is planning to do court marriage. She asks Piyush’s dad to ask the truth to Meghna. Piyush gets angry and threatens Tai ji that he will make her violence video and get her arrested. Tai ji leaves. Piyush’s dad gets to know that Rahul and Meghna were trying to elope and marry. Piyush’s dad trusted Meghna and felt she is his pride, but she has ruined his trust. Piyush gets annoyed with Dipika, who already knew about the matter. Everyone was trying to hide the matter from Piyush’s dad, but fail in their attempts. Dipika supports Meghna. What will Dipika do to set things right? Keep reading.



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